Sex, Teens & Drama:

Helping Girls Recognize

Pretty Lies vs. Ugly Truths

August 7th | 7:00 pm EDT | Show in my timezone

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Hosted by
Jackie Brewton
Tarae Vines ,
Laney Mayfield and
Sydney Chambley

Here are Some of the Things We'll Chat About...

Love, Sex & Relationships

Discover the truth about love, sex, and relationships that your peers will never tell you (because they don't know either), so you can make healthy choices that are in your best interests rather than someone else's sex interests.


Why this is a bigger issue for teen girls than you think and what you can do if you find yourself struggling with it.

Social Media

Avoid getting caught up in social media's comparison trap and focus on showing up as your authentic self online and in real life instead.


How to tell if you have low self-esteem, what could be causing it to be low, and steps you can take now to begin building it up.


Breaking down the long-term emotional, legal, and social consequences of sending nude photos you may not have considered.

Mental Health

Why your mental health matters, things that negatively impact it, how to seek help, and steps you can take now to protect yours.


About Jackie Brewton

Jackie Brewton has spent the past 20 years speaking to middle & high school girls about all of the topics we'll discuss during the workshop. The "real talk" classroom discussions, along with the 17,000+ letters she has received from high school students, give her a window into their hearts and minds.

Receiving feedback from teen girls like this is why Jackie loves what she does: "It's almost as if you KNOW me...I wish we could have days like these forever...I love you!" | "God sent an angel to guide me when you came." | "Thank you for saving me from myself." | "You were an answer to my prayers!" "I really think you should have your own talk show." | "I love the way your words come through to teens, like myself."


About Tarae Vines

Tarae Vines is a 2022 graduate of Bishop McNara High School in Forrestville, MD. She played lacrosse and basketball in high school and some of her interests include fitness, reading and watching movies. She will be attending the University of Pittsburg in the fall, majoring in Marketing.

Tarae participated in my very first 7 Secrets Revealed Masterclass in 2020.


About Sydney Chambley

Sydney Chambley lives in Dallas, GA and is a rising Junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences. Although she plays softball, she's most passionate about leading worship. She has a heart for children and making sure they know WHOSE they are.

Sydney heard me speak for the first time in the 8th grade when I spent three days speaking with her class about love, sex and relationships.


About Laney Mayfield

Laney Mayfied is a native of Memphis, TN, but has called several cities home in recent years. She graduated with honors from Auburn University in 2022 and is a journalist for a media company.

After discovering my videos on YouTube in 2020, Laney reached out to me; and we've had several conversations since then.

August 7th
7:00 pm EDT